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In preparation for this seminar, an email was sent out to a number of lists on 17th February 2009 to see what ‘creative public geographies’ were happening. The response was overwhelming. Below are the URLs of the work we heard about. Please send more to i.j.cook@ex.ac.uk .

The email:

[We] are starting to work on … [our] seminar in the Engaging Geography series … If you are a geographer who is involved in an ongoing, or recently finished, collaborative project with artists, film-makers, poets, and other creative professionals, and/or if you work as a geographer-artist, etc. and/or if you know of artists, etc… working on/with geographical themes, please get in touch with details, websites, etc.

The responses so far:

David Crouch’s artJohn Newling’s ‘Chatham Vines’Bryan Finoki’s ‘Subtopia’‘Wapping audio’‘The other way works’Lisa Tucker’s ‘Santa Anna River Native Trail Food Project’‘Urban earth’‘Pop-up landscapes’Jane Hodgson’s ‘An Antipodean Expedition’Carbon labelling DVDArea ChicagoAtlas of radical cartographyPeople’s atlas of ChicagoMaps in the public squareA conversation with Peter FendChris SpeedPervasive media labMscapeFeral tradeToby Butler’s ‘Memoryscape’ audio walks‘Watermarks’ projectChristian Nold’s websiteBiomappingUrban tapestries Space synapseThe Center for Land Use Interpretation ‘Dark places: an overt research project’D’logGreen museum‘Cape Farewell’ climate change projectThe River Parrett Trail (re)visitedNew eyes: creative explorations in the Blackdown HillsTravellers Remember 3 Rivers 2nd NatureBioneering: hybrid investigations of foodHelen Scalway’s ‘A patois of pattern’Fashioning diaspora / moving patternsJenni Kotting’s ‘Sound’Skewed Vision’s ‘Terror town’Michael Watts’ ‘Curse of the black gold’Trevor Paglen’s websiteHayden Lorimer & Kate Foster’s ‘Cross bills’Hayden Lorimer, Kate Foster and Merle Patchett’s ‘Blue antelope‘ – Geographers guest edit Radio 4’s ‘Today Programme’ Making the connection: a plea to academic geographersMaking the connections: arts, migration & diasporaShelley Sacks’ ‘Exchange values’Matthew Herbert’s ‘Plat du jour’Melanie Jackson’s ‘A global positioning system‘ – Interdependence dayMywalksPlacebook ScotlandCritical Spatial PracticeWalking in placeDivya Tolia-Kelly & Graham Lowe’s ‘Nurturing ecologies / maps of the known world’Steve Higginson’s ‘Edgy cities’Rachel Chapman’s ‘Mapping the Air’ Simon Faithfull’s ‘Ice Blink’‘Sailing 4 geeks: ship to shore’‘Makrolab’Johanna Berger & Uwe Dornbusch’s pebblesSimeon Nelson’s ‘Cryptosphere’Michael Mayhew’s website ‘Liquid geography’ Derek Hampson’s ‘Chat Moss’Drew Mulholland: composer in residence, Geography, Glasgow UniversityLeah Schreiber’s ‘Daily navigation’Caitlin Desilvey & Alec Finlay’s ‘Two fields of wheat seeded with a poppy-poem’Ultimate Holding CompanyLeeds Plan BHappidromeColin Sackett’s website‘Mumbai: liquid city’ documentaryBOSartsSimon Pope’s ‘The memorial walks’Naturalists: animals & human natureAllan Siegel’s ‘Market halls’ Interventions in the everyday –  Subversive spacesLanding / Visualising GeographyWeather permittingEchoes of Blackburn Meadows ‘Rank’: picturing the social order 1516-2009WorldmapperLauren Healey’s websiteGlimmers in limboWrights and sites‘Age of stupid’ documentaryLos Angeles Urban RangersInvisible-5 Audio ProjectDivya Tolia-Kelly et al’s ‘An archaeology of ‘race”Rona Lee’s ‘The truthing gap’MilkprojectBradley L. Garrett’s Urban Exploration PhotographyMission ExploreUrbanity, a waste of place: images from the rural-urban fringeThe Creative CompassUrsula Beimann’s ‘Geobodies’ Center for PostNatural History

Please also let us know about other ongoing projects, questions and ideas by submitting comments below:


Written by Ian Cook et al

May 22, 2009 at 2:39 pm

3 Responses

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  1. Acequias and water rights adjudication in New Mexico.

    Eric Perramond

    January 26, 2010 at 7:58 pm

  2. Please see information about our current exhibition ‘The Creative Compass’ (www.rgs.org/exhibitions). It features new commissions by two artists and the artwork addresses maps, mapping and respond the Royal Geographical Soc. collections.


    June 17, 2010 at 3:48 pm

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